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Why is loyalty so important?

There is an art to keeping customers. It costs seven times as much to find a new customer as to retain one, and so you need to explore all possible methods if you want to maximise your customer base.

How do you keep customers coming back? How do you create fiercely loyal customers who will turn a blind eye to your competitors? And what can you learn from successful loyalty programs in businesses both large and small?

Engaged and loyal customers represent your business’ goodwill and they are intangible assets that add value to your balance sheet.

Critical questions clubs should ask themselves:

  • What proportion of your customers are repeat?

  • How much is a loyal customer worth to your business over time?

  • How much time do you currently spend winning new customers vs. nurturing existing ones?

How can Buzz help?

At Buzz we create unique Member Engagement Programs designed specifically for your venue and its surrounding demographics.

We offer an all inclusive package which includes all the back of house reports that will help your venue to successfully manage your Member Engagement Program.

We continue to develop our portfolio of products and services which ranges from offering tailored member engagement programs, tiered loyalty solutions, gaming performance management, business and gaming analysis/reporting, direct member marketing and targeted rewards for all kinds of venues and budgets.

  • Research & Analysis

  • Budget & Plan

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Manage & Review

At Buzz our core philosophy is that EVERY MEMBER MATTERS!

In the member engagement space its all about rewarding and recognising a members contributions to your club or venue. Speaking their language through personally relevant communications via a channel of THEIR choice.

We not only create effective and engaging member engagement & loyalty programs combined with gaming strategies and solutions that provide you with solid data to improve your business and retentions.

Is loyalty really dead? Discover the truth about the Buzz way 

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