Communications Road Map to Normal…(well sort of normal)

The date has been given to us! We are all so excited to open our doors and welcome back our members! We have gotten so great at developing engaging communications throughout the shutdown that it’s important not to let the ball drop once we open the doors.

Luckily, we have implemented a 5-week communication program that starts the week before we open.


Communication 1:  25th – 31st May

Getting Ready to Open.

Letting members know that the time has come to open the doors once again. Advising them of any big changes they need to know about (not all the tiny details around what they can and can’t do). It’s the communication we have been dying to send – all upbeat and positive telling members you can’t wait to see them again!


Communication 2: 1st – 7th June

Food and Beverage Specials.

Now that we are open with multiple eating options (for some of us) its important to get the message out there to our members on how to book, what times these eateries are open and any other information. Then you can add in specials, this is a great time to upsell!!!! Think steak and wine deals, entrée and main combinations or even cocktails for the ladies! This is your time to put on a show and remind your members how nice it is to go out to eat.



Communication 3:  8th – 14th June

Members State of Play.

This is the time you can confirm and reconfirm to your members all that you have done to protect their membership. For example: Their tier status remains untouched, their bonus points are still there to enjoy, their missed birthday offer is waiting for them now and anything around membership extensions.

Communication 4:  15th – 21st June

Promo Offer or Call to Action

After the first few weeks of excitement wears off this is when you can start to bring out the marketing and promotions side of your reopening strategy. There is no point doing this in the first few weeks as those who want to come out will and they won’t need an incentive to come into your venue. By week 3 you hope to be able to persuade some of the others to start to visit. Using your getting to know you updated preferences will really come in handy during this week.

Communication 5:  22nd – 28th June

Members Newsletter

But not just any old newsletter. This newsletter is going to be filled with pictures of your staff serving beers, bringing out meals in a safe Covid way. Its going to be filled with smiling faces of your regulars and quotes that scream it’s good to be back! This is going to be a massive advertising piece that will work well in your socials as well. It will be your “We are safe and waiting for you campaign.”


Communication 6: 29th June – 5th July

Members Loyalty Communications

And weeee’re back! Let’s talk birthday communications, tier promotions, point statements you name it – it’s business as usual (well sort of!) and it will be nice to get into the normal rhythm again.