Keep in contact with your members; don’t cut them out of your life!

Keeping in contact with your members is essential for both your members & the club

The temporary closure of registered clubs this week has been gut wrenching for CEOs Board & staff. You have had to make some very emotionally hard decisions overnight. You have done your absolute best to ensure you support your team at this time but let’s think about your members in this instance


Your members think of you as family & friends. The reason they come into your venue is that they love your staff, product & service. You are their home away from home. They too have lost a part of their everyday norm, their ‘go to’ place.


Communicating to your members, through this moment in time, is essential to the relationship you will have with them through this crisis and at the other end.


Think about the digital communication between you and your members as a story. Take them on a journey with you, tell them how your feeling and what you are going through, don’t cut them out of your life.

Be conscious of the tone you use in your messages from here on in. Members have been bombarded with a lot of government rules and regulations communication not just from their club but any place their email address is in a database. Agreed that these are communications we have had to send to keep them informed.

When thinking about your story & tone, think about how you would describe your service when the doors where open. Capture this and visualise what it will feel like when you are welcoming them back through the doors of your/ their club.

The communication needs to create a sense of calm, community, safety and as much as possible normality. We are creatures of habit and all these instant changes have been a lot for everyone to process.

Take your members on a guided journey on the now, to the day you reopen your doors and beyond. Don’t be the next communication you send them a ‘We are open’ email as they will fell like a long-lost friend that you only want to talk to when you need something…their patronage.

Think about the feel-good communications you could be sending out in a timely manner;

  • Birthday messages on the day of their birthday saying that you are looking forward to giving them their gift when you reopen the doors. Don’t forget your milestone birthdays
  • Communicate what takeaway service are currently still operational at the club and how they go about ordering. You might also give your members access to their bonus points at this time (an initiative already in place at Cowra Bowling club)
  • That you are going to not put them down a tier this demotion period due to the circumstances and are looking forward to welcoming them back to enjoy their benefits
  • That bonus points will not expire next month and can’t wait for them to be able to use them on their return
  • What you are doing to keep busy in the club such as projects, cleaning and staff coming together as a team at this time
  • What are you doing out in the community, be creative
  • There are some big events around the corner! Eater & ANZAC day. Members are going to miss not being able to celebrate at your venue. How do we bring these events to them? One venue is doing a virtual Easter egg draw. ANZAC day will be an emotional time for all, how do you do you instil respect around this day digitally?

Don’t forget to take lots of photos as they say a photo tells 1000 words

This communication will lead them to your doors the day you reopen. It will inject trust and security with your club and have you best set up for their patronage at the other end of this unprecedented time.