Members and Visitors – Making sure the numbers add up!

Have you started to consider how will you manage the number of members and guests in your club when the doors reopen?

There is no doubt the Government will be giving us a set of guidelines we will be adhering to covering social distancing regulations. Along with the 1.5m rule and the one person to 4m2, there may also be a 2 hour time limit on the time each person (not including staff) can be in your venue or specific area.
Pre thinking on how you manage people in and out of your venue is something you don’t want to sit on your hands about, there is a lot of preparation and thought needed.

Remember that if you leave this thought process too late or not action it until the government come out with the guidelines, there could be a lot of demand on tech or tools to deliver best practice.

As you have already broken down your club by area and how many people per area (if nothing changes with the 4m2 rule) you can now determine how many customers you could book in per given time. I would suggest doing up a P&P around this for your staff.

Here are some possible solutions that could work for your venue to manage numbers of people;

  • Members can call ahead and book their time and area in the venue. You might only want to take 80% of bookings over the phone to accommodate walk ins initially.
  • What portion (if any) are you going to allocate to your top tiered members to ensure that at limited capacity your club is getting the right members through the door?
  • If you are one of our ESolutions clients, we can also create an online booking form to email your members to book their preferred area and time.
  • If you already have an online ordering system in place, you could set this up to accommodate bookings. Just set the areas and available booking times for your members to choose from
  • Look at signage at the entry of each area stating how many are permitted in each area. This will also need to be manded with staff checks and clickers
  • Some of your sign in systems might have something in place where a member or visitor will need to sign both in and out of the venue to accommodate the head counts in the club.

Once members turn up for their allocated time booking how will you manage them from here?

  • One thought is to give out coloured wrist bands and change these over for the new time slot. Think about how you will manage asking the first group to vacate to get the second sitting in.
  • You don’t want a whole club full of visitors waiting out the front of the club so you will need to stagger the area time turnover. This will not just stop a cue but will help your staff manage the in and out.

Think of how you will communicate these new rules clearly to your members. Not all your members will have and email or SMS contact in your database or be connected to you via Facebook. Who will you communicate to first?

Will we need to also be prepared on what information the Government wants us to collect (if any) on every visitor. Things like when they signed in and signed out of the club, what their temperature was on entry, documentation on hourly number checks. What will our new compliance be?

Make sure whatever you put in place (or have to put in place), works for you operationally and with your staff capacity.

Thinking about this now will put you one step ahead and will avoid disappointing your members when your doors open. No one wants to be in a position of having to turn away members when they come to your door.