Membership Options – To Renew, Pro Rata or Roll Over?

Most clubs have a June 1st Membership start date to coincide with the financial year. With that in mind many clubs are looking at a renewal period whist in shut down.

So just what are the options for you when it comes to membership?

  • You can choose to pro-rata the membership for the period of time the club was shut. This of course leads to renewal periods changing (unless you have a rolling membership) which might not be the best.
  • You can choose to roll over your membership for 12 months – keeping in mind all memberships must be rolled over in the same time period.
  • You can choose to ask your members to support their club and renew their membership by paying their fees despite the club not being open.

Over this time, we have seen examples of all three strategies taken place. It really depends on how much your membership fees contribute to your clubs operating procedures and if there is anything in your Club Constitution that would prohibit you form rolling everyone’s membership on for 12 months.

If you are unsure we strongly recommend getting in contact with Clubs NSW to ensure you are able to complete the option you want to pursue.

Renew Membership – Coolangatta Surf Club

Promoted to members and via their Facebook page the Club asks the members to support their Club and pay their membership fees.

To add a sweetener the Club is using a membership promotion of 2 x $250 club vouchers when they re-open. Great for the Club as they get a visit out of the winning members when they return!

Pro Rata Membership – Tomakin Sports Club

Launched via email and Facebook the Tomakin Sports Club voted at a board meeting to extend the membership for 3 months past the current June 30 expiry. They also advertised all existing vouchers and points would be extended for another 3 months.

Roll Over Membership – Bankstown Sports Club

Sent to all members via email it was announced that all club memberships would extend for a further 12 months as long as they were financial as at the 23rd March 2020 (the date of Clubs closures).

No matter what option you take, it’s clear that you need to follow a few steps before making any decisions.

  • Check your constitution before making any decisions on what can/can’t be done.
  • Inform your members – And of course this is where Buzz can help. Personalised emails are the best way of getting the information out there ASAP. You might even consider an SMS for your top tiered members.
  • Facebook is a great support communication platform to let your members without contactability in your database know what is happening.