The new normal: life at home

Talk about being turn upside down and scrambling for a way to adjust to our new normal!

Come on life, is that all you’ve got! (said no one ever in this current environment)

There is a feeling of so much pressure with so much out of our control.

As mangers you have had to carry the world on your shoulders. You have had to make tough decisions, be the leader of leader like never before and had to answer question you never thought you would have to.

You are staying strong for your club, your members, your staff, your family and friend. This can start taking its toll on YOU, and we all know that YOU need to stay strong and on top of everything to get to the other side. And wow! We are going to be relentless at the other end of this and stronger as a whole industry.

This first thing you need to do is take a breath, you are doing amazing!!!

As we are all trying to adjust and ‘get over’ the shock of what we are going through I feel the quicker we can get into a new ‘normal’ routine the better.

We had our old routines down packed: Get up, go to the gym, drive to work, deal with staff, board, members, projects, drive home, have dinner, family time, down time and relax over the weekend.

Now, from the moment we wake till the moment we fall asleep, there has been less opportunity to breaking up the day and switching off. Especially those working from home and are all of a sudden finding themselves in a home school situation. (I feel my kid is going to be expelled any day now)

I urge you all to take the time, sit down and write out a daily schedule you can work towards. It doesn’t have to be perfect straight up, just a starting point for you to work at.

With this plan make sure you put yourself as the number one priority, this way you will not forget about YOU while you are trying to accommodate everything else in your life. Remember this schedule is to give you back a new normal you can mentally and physical work with over the coming weeks or dare I say months.

Check out the coping calendar and the website for more ideas.

Humans are wired to be social beings. The biggest message out there now is ‘stay away’ from one another to stop this crisis, this has taken its toll on everyone in some shape or form.

Not being around your extended family (or some might be happy with this newfound situation), friends and greater community. You must push yourself, whether it’s out of you comfort zone or not, to get digitally social with the ones you miss. If not for you then for them.

If any of you have been on a video call or phone call over the last few weeks you start to realise the value of communication in any form you can get.

Make sure you organise video meetings with your team over a morning tea of evening drink as a social touch base. Think of zoom & skype as your new board room table as a way to work through projects and plans on reopening together. More than ever reach out to industry peers, they are going through what you are going through.

Reach out to friends and have a video catch up or a game of digital charades. Start making dates to catch up in the future, if they have to be pushed further out then do be it.

We are trying to teach ourselves new skills and behaviours to get us back to a stable frame of mind. Remember, eat well, stay health and stay safe.