Taking Care of The Big 3!

Ask any club manager 12 months ago where they saw their club and activities in 12 months’ time and no one could have predicted the answer to that question. We have all been hit with a situation that we never through could or would happen – and hopefully we will never see again.

There are three lots of people you need to consider at his time when it comes to your club.

  • Your staff
  • Your members
  • Yourself!

We are all looking at ways to adjust to the current climate. We need to make sure your members stay engaged; your staff are ok & you stay positive.


Many of you have had to have the hard conversation with staff this week and put their employment on hold, whilst some of you have been able to keep all or most staff on board at this time. Overall, this has been a hard time for everyone. These staff could be feeling lost, emotional and needing support at this time. Not being around their workmates at this time and feeling part of a team can be lonely.

Use your communications platform to keep their spirits up and inform them with what is going on in the club, the industry and any government initiatives that is relevant to them at this time. Don’t forget to ensure there is a bit of fun in your communication as well.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Start by asking all staff if they are interested in receiving communications in this nature.
  • Have an idea of what you want to send and how often you want to send ie weekly or as things happen.
  • Some topics might be
  • Government resources
  • R U Ok? Type information
  • What the club going to do over Easter/ Anzac day
  • How you are going to keep you members engaged & better still ask them for ideas
  • Photos
  • Articles
  • Some light hearted funnies (We have lots of those!!)

Like your members, you need your staff back at the other end of this. Keeping them engaged is key to your club being ready at the other end.

At any time during this shutdown if you want to send staff communications please click the link below!


No doubt you are all thinking about your members and the messages that you want to get out to them. We have already touched based around changing birthday emails, but with this lock down looming for a while we need to think about how we can create a consistent stream of personally relevant information that your members will love.

Think about upcoming or regular events and how we can continue to communicate or celebrate with our members:

  • Easter
  • Anzac Day – Create a club hashtag – for example #clubbuzzanzacday and get members to post
  • Members Draws – small club vouchers to be used when the club reopens
  • Kids colouring competitions – giving away free kids meal when club opens
  • Birthday draws – club vouchers
  • Spotlight on your members – ask your members to fill out a survey about them and feature them in the weekly email
  • Spotlight on your staff
  • For clubs doing takeaway – updates on menus – pictures of locals supporting the club, pictures of your staff doing the deliveries
  • Any renovations/changes to the club

We will continue to be working on content for you to use throughout this whole shut down – any ideas to add please get in touch – we are all in this together and the more creative and inclusive with our members we can be the stronger their connection to your venue will become.

When this is over you want to be the club that has kept in touch with their members – When the doors to your club open, your members are far more likely to visit you over a competitor because you maintained the relationship.


Firstly, you are all doing an amazing job!

Secondly, we need to look after ourselves if we are going to get through this. We need to laugh; we need to find a stress release (even if its only momentary) to give us some sanity in this situation.

We are all facing tough times and as they say heavy is the head that wears the crown – or tiara as I prefer.

Lean on your industry friends, we all understand how you are feeling. Know that there will be more relief packages released by our governments – our industry is too big and too profitable to fail.

We will recover and we will be back stronger for having survived this.

You are not alone in this – we are by your side to provide you with all the help we can.