Temperature Checks –  The hot & cold of it!

Temperature checks, although they seem evasive, are going to be part of our new norm.

How prepared are you and your team in implementing these checks to already hostile members and guests?

Are your staff equipped in taking someone’s temperature? TAFE has just launched a bunch of new courses and one of them is Grow Health and Medical Knowledge. This course focusses on being able to control infection and is of paramount importance in today’s world. This course teaches you how to do just that. With a focus on infection prevention through Hand Washing, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment),  Temperature control and the understanding of the healthy body systems and functions, this course could ‘ literally ‘ save a life.

Now the staff have the knowledge, how will you operationally implement this in your venue?

You could set up a station that members can register their temperature and have access to hand sanitiser before or just as they enter the venue. We are unsure if at this stage these temperatures will need to be registered against their membership number or through the sign in process.

If someone does register a high temperature, what will be the procedure on refusing them entry. This needs to be handled with care as this could turn into an unpleasant situation. Ensure the staff manning the doors/receptions are ones that can have these conversations. This doesn’t not need to be a ‘security guard’ moment.

Don’t leave your staff out of this temperature checking scenario. All staff on hand now and progressively in the future should sign a declaration that they acknowledge they need to have their temperature taken at the start of each shift. This declaration also covers them speaking up if they are unwell or if they have been cleared by a doctor if they had symptoms.

Will the government make it compulsory that every member of staff in hospitality have mandatory COVID testing before they resume back and the doors open?

Until we get the official word, being prepared around temperature taking puts you one step ahead.