Time to get Social

With the increase of Australians trying to figure out a digital/virtual way to become social, the increase of video calls has dramatically increased.

For your venue, you have had your own challenges with trying to keep connected with management, staff  and board members during this time, showing them (or learning yourself) how to hook up and use the technology. But spare a thought for the segment of members who are technologically disadvantaged.

These members, although they may or may not have the technology to support video calls, have been drawn into an unknown territory. But one they will never turn back from.

Some are going out and buying electronics that are compatible in some form to make video calls so they can stay connected with family & friends.

So, how can you guide your members through information and setting up of these technologies to keep them to connected to not just family but your venue.

A lot of venues have stepped up their social media game, take for example Facebook. How many of your current members have a Facebook account and how do you get them to sign up? First you need to give them a reason. Send them an email telling them about your Facebook account and what type of messages you will post ie up to date online events, take away specials, what the staff have been up to. In the email give them step by step instructions on how to sign up and direct them to your page, also how to request friends and family to connect with them.

How to create a Facebook account

  • To create a Facebook account:
  • Go to www.facebook.com/r.php
  • Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.
  • Click Sign Up.
  • To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number

This then opens up the world of Messenger and video chats all in one.

An app you can have a lot of fun with

A lot of you would have quickly been introduced to Zoom to host your board meetings during the month. Your members can sign up for free and send an email invite to friends & family, and all they need to do is log on.

How to create a Zoom account

Its as simple as going to the Zoom website https://zoom.us/

  • Select Host a meeting

  • Select New Meeting

  • Click on Manage Participants on the bottom tool bar

  • Invite

The easiest way to send the invite link is to copy the invitations- select this button and it will automatically copy the wording of the invitation.

Open up a new email and right click and select paste- this will paste the invite into the body of the email. Then simply send to who you want to invite.

Before they know it they will be a Zoom expert!

There are many other apps out there like Skype and House Party but the main thing is to make sure you and your members are connecting with loved ones during this crazy time.