Will The Easter Bunny Find Us?

In a few weeks’ time we will be celebrating Easter, however, we will be celebrating in a not so familiar way in line with our current and possibly future restrictions.

Not only are your members favourite home away from home closed, you their club, but family gatherings such as BBQ, birthdays and house parties have been banned, along with the ban on Religious gatherings and places of worship at this time.

Clubs need to be creative in ways to entertain and guide their members and the community through this time via the club’s communication channels. What did you as a club have planned for Easter entertainment over the Easter weekend and how can you now bring that to your members?

Many of you have donated your Easter eggs to community charities or bundled them up with leftover perishable item to give to staff. Some of you are doing a virtual online draw and will be delivering the eggs to your winning members, we are seeing this virtual draw with meat raffles as well.

Here are a few more ideas that will keep your members entertained:

    • Scheduled a message to go out to members at this time wishing them a ‘Happy Easter’. Inspire them to make the best of this time and keep their spirits up. This message can go out via email and social media. Also consider a video message from the CEO, Board and/ or staff to deliver this message.
    • What entertainment did you have planned at the club? A lot of entertainers are now delivering their sets on Facebook live and Instagram. You could send a link to our members so they can enjoy their favourite club entertainment at home
    • Consider a colouring in competitions or hat parade for the kids. Deliver the message and image now along with instructions. You will have some great images and stories over the Easter weekend to post on you website, socials and email to the members
    • Upload at picture on your website with a link to go out on social media and email. Ask them to send photos of the coloured picture with their details via email. Winner will receive a meal voucher or free kids party host for when the club re opens.
    • Get the members kids to be creative with an Easter hat. They can make the hat out of anything they have on hand. Get a photo of it sent to your email. If you have someone who is extra creative on staff members could send uploads of videos with the kids marching with their hats on, put these snippets together for a virtual march. Winner could receive a Easter egg hamper delivered to their door
    • Let’s not forget the religious congregations that will not be happening around this time. How can you guide your members to online links to local church services. If your local church is not hosting an online service, then times and channels for a more mainstream service

Let’s go one step further with your members. Other than the interactions with the club at this time,  how you can guide and inspire your members to be digitally social with their family and friends. Lets think outside the box.

Guide them through how to set up video chats via Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Skype. Once they are connected to their extended family and friends a whole new world of social entertainment will open up for them in a time that everyone needs a distraction.

Members could then schedule ‘meeting up’ digitally and certain times over Easter. This could be split over adult, kids and family time.

Some suggested themes could be;

    • Easter egg hunts and hat parades for the kids
    • Sitting down for lunch and enjoying a virtual meal and catch up with the extended family
    • Playing a board game like trivial pursuit or charades
    • Watch a streamed movie together. Netflix are now offering this service
    • Have a hook up for the kids to have their time to talk and interact with each other then schedule a time for the adults so you can have chat time over a wine

For those clubs that are still able to provide takeaway food & beverage items. Get a bit more creative if you can.

If your restaurant is open for hot meals have a fish meal for Easter Friday and a roast dinner for Easter Sunday. Encourage your members to purchase a few meals to get them through a few days’ worth of dinner, supply to them instruction on how to reheat the dishes.

How can you offer food and beverage packages, for a family of four, that has ingredients for a roast dinner along with a ‘How to cook’ card from your chef (or just and online recipe). Package this along with a bottle (or 2) of wine, a 6 pack of beer and some soft drink for the kids. Theme this package up in a festive way by adding a few chocolate Easter eggs and you are a one stop Easter meal solution. Even better, a supply of food and beverage for the entire Easter weekend. This could be delivered straight to their door.

Communicate to the members that you will be doing this and encourage pre orders, so everyone gets their food at the time they want and you are ready for the supply.

You will have some members who are not on your emails or socials. How do you cross promote over these channels to get them signed up to both. You might want to send out an SMS blast encouraging them to set up Facebook or subscribe to your club email, so you can communicate to them and include them at this time. Step by step on how to join Facebook or your email is a must. Being connected to the outside world at this time is critical to many of your members

Now if you think all the above is not for your club, your members or you, consider the next big event clubs will not be hosting…ANZAC day. You could consider Easter a trial run to get your members engaged for the big event. Your members will need you more than ever at this time