What will your message be once you know you can open?

What is the first message you are going to send to your members once you know when you can open your doors?

Who are you going to send it to, how are you going to send it and what exactly is the message your members want to hear?

Remember when we closed we were all bombarded with so many emails, even receiving emails from companies that we didn’t know we were even registered for! At what point did you stop reading these messages as you already knew what the message was. We are closed, we are shut, the government has closed us etc.

We are all waiting for the official guidelines around reopening, and let’s face it, if any industry is going to ace the compliance part its clubs. Once we digest these guidelines not only do we need to initially train our staff on them, but we need to inform our members of what the club is going to look and feel like when they come to your doors.

Is the message going to be delivered by you in the possible tone it was received? Compliance, guidelines, government. Think about the tone and trust in your message. Members want to feel safe and welcomed well before they make the decision to visit.

For those who have been communicating to their members during this period, you have already painted the start of a picture that resinates with your members. Members have been up to date with your training, refurbishments and community projects. Not to forget about all your amazing competitions, prizes and food and beverage offerings.

You don’t want to bombard your members with everything the government has passed onto you, they will not want to dissect it or be overwhelmed by it like we possibly will be. Break the messages down into step by step parts.

Messages could look like the following (depending on the outcome of the government ruling)

-We will be able to welcome you back on the 15th July! Stay tuned on how we will accommodate all the changes

– We are getting ready for your return, the deep cleaning is happening this week

– All staff are briefed and have completed their COVID-19 Health and safety training; we are looking forward to welcoming you back into the club

– There are a couple of changes we need to put in place on club entry;

  • entry and exit are only by the North entrance
  • members must swipe their membership card on entry and exiting the club
  • temperature checks on entry are recorded

– One of our requirements to open the door is to take online time slot bookings in each area. Please follow the links to book your seat at the club. We can’t wait to see you!

Remember; the more pictures, videos (especially of you, your staff in your venue) and icons you can use to help explain your message, the better.

Who are you going to send what message to first? Especially since you will have limited room for people in each space.

To sum up; you want your message to be one of safety and security, friendly and familiar and without a doubt one with the right tone. Let your members know that together you will both work through the changes to make their experience at the club one they will not regret.